Approaching Your Classic Car Restoration Project

When you first begin the process of restoring an old antique classic car, there are a lot of different decisions that a person has to make before and during the entire process. Depending on the type of approach you decide to take, you can do all the work yourself or hire a mechanic and body shop to do all the work for you. The main thing to remember though, when choosing the garage to do the work for you is to make sure you do all your homework on the people that you are hiring to make sure that you choose someone reliable and knowledgeable in what they are doing.

One of the first things that you should ask of the shop that you are thinking of using is references. Ask them for names of some of their previous customers that you could then go to and ask questions. You will also want to verify how much their hourly rate is and get estimates on how long the job will take and what the costs of any parts that they supply are going to cost. The main thing to remember is that there are always a few black sheep garages out there that can take advantage of people that have not done their homework ahead of time. As long as you make sure that you go to a reliable shop, you should be good to go.

Another good way to find some good shops that can work on your classic car restoration is to attend some of the classic cars shows that come to your area and ask the car owners there who they use for doing their work. During this time, you may even find a car owner that does his own work that you might be able to hire to do yours as well.

It is easy to remember that the main thing to do when you are searching out a shop to help you in your new classic car restoration project is to do your research and make sure you know what you are getting into before you start your project. Knowing everything ahead of time definitely helps prevent some of the headaches down the road and makes you enjoy your classic car that much more. Once all the work is over and finished, you will enjoying driving your new creation around the town without having all the potential nightmares haunting you.

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Reasons Why Your Classic Automobile Should Have A Car Cover

Vintage cars, when maintained perfectly, offer a great deal of satisfaction to the owners of these machines of yesteryear. Lots of people remember the good old days as they look upon those old antique automobiles in the car shows. It’s no wonder why folks adore these old classic cars so much. Well maintained and put together exquisitely, these classics often are shiniest up big time. The real secret to keeping classic cars in this condition is a proper fitting car cover.

Vintage cars need special treatment with car covers for various reasons. The first and the most apparent is the fact that these beauties are irreplaceable and rare. Also, it is not an easy task to restore a car if it is damaged through corrosion. So it cannot be stressed deeply enough, even if the classic car is garage kept, the car needs to be covered with a proper classic auto cover.

A great place to discover classic car covers are in online car forums. Often times you will encounter people who can tell you where to find just the particular car cover your model car needs. It’s usually not hard to find companies on the Internet that sell classic car covers for the most commonly owned classic cars. It just takes looking around for the best company. One of the top websites that I have found is and but there are several other sites on the web, I am sure.

Car covers keep the dirt and ground and moisture from accumulating on your cars outer body surface. When these things collect on your car, corrosion can take place. That is the nightmare of the classic car owner. The paint job, chrome, trim, and other parts of the car’s exterior can be susceptible to corrosion. The first line of defense is the car cover acting as a barrier.

When shopping around, we suggest that you consider first where the car will be stored. There are different micro-climates in different locations. Cars that are kept in a garage do not necessarily need the same conditions that a car that is kept outside in the sun or in the shade. The fabrics will need to be different, as well as other properties of protection.

While moisture resistance is important, it is not the only thing. You need to consider the fact that the breathability of the auto cover fabric is also incredibly important. The material needs to be breathable, because otherwise dampness will accumulate underneath the material and against the car body a definite no-no. So, I do not advocate going to Wal-Mart and buying a blue tarp to cover your classic. You are asking for problems.

Softness in the fabric is very important. You definitely do not want your paint job to be scuffed by a rough material that is dragged over your priceless vintage vehicle. It would be enough to make a grown man cry to see a beautiful paint job ruined, especially an original paint job!

How thick a antique car cover is also makes a big difference. The thicker the car cover’s material, the more fortification you get against minor dings and scratches. To have the right protection with the right material and to prevent this kind of occurrence from happening is worth much more than the price of the antique vehicle’s cover.

Finally, if all efforts fail, you can use the age old, but pricey way of getting the exact car cover that you want. You can go to somebody who creates car covers and have one custom made for your classic car. When doing that, you need to use the best possible material you can for producing the auto cover. It is not everyday that someone gets a costly custom-made vehicle cover for their antique car, so it is best to have it constructed perfectly the first time around.

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Buying A Classic Car On The Internet

With the advent of Internet-based sales and auction services like eBay, anyone with a bit of money can buy almost anything online nowadays. From clothing, to appliances, and yes–even classic automobiles. In fact, eBay is quite a dominant force in sales of anything–people really like the convenience of shopping. But be prepared to bleed profusely on the pocket if you choose to purchase on eBay. Prices can reach really ridiculous levels, so you need to make sure that the classic car you’re spending an obscene amount for on eBay Automotives is a true keeper. Here are a few tips on how to make the most out of your online classic auto buying experience:

Use a high-speed computer and internet connection. This is important because you’re going to be participating on an auction. Some bidders will try to wait until the very last minute before they give their offers, and if you have a slow connection or computer you might get shafted. Be prepared to counter this maneuver with your own high speed tools.

If this is your first time on eBay, make sure you sign up for an account, because this will help you monitor the item you’re bidding for and various notifications will be sent to you through email. Then, practice bidding on lower-value items first, to get the feel of the system, and that any mistakes won’t be expensive ones. An instance of a mistake would be scam items. It’s easy to post pictures and write descriptions but it’s even easier to fool people who aren’t quick on their toes. Make sure to establish a form of communication between you and the seller, and ask for actual pictures with proof.

Browse through the entire inventory of classic cars if you can. You might change your mind after seeing others. While browsing you’ll see some terms that need to be understood. Examples of these are:

-Reserve: This refers to the minimum price the seller will take for an item. If your price is below the reserve price, you don’t get the item.
-Buy it Now: If you choose this option, you immediately finish the auction and the item is yours, and you pay the amount stated in the “Buy it Now” price.
-Feedback: Allows you to read feedback from other people the seller has had transactions with in the past. From here you can get an idea whether the seller is trustworthy/easy to transact with or not.

Once you find the classic car you’re interested in, ask for information about the item such as history, features, and current condition. These are usually stated in the descriptions, but ask as many questions as necessary about the item especially if it’s something like a classic car. You can use the “Ask a seller a question” link available in the item page if you have any inquiries that aren’t answered in the item description.

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